Your student looks forward to hearing from you.

He or she would also love to meet you.

Write to your student today

What should I write?

Writing to your student is easy.

You don’t have to write in Spanish, although you’re welcome to if you can.  We have a team of translators who will translate your note into Spanish before it is delivered.

Tell your student about yourself and your family.  Ask about his or her family.  Encourage her to do her best at school.  Tell him where you keep his photo and that you look at it every day.  Tell her how excited you are to receive her next letter.  Attach a photo or two of yourself with people you love or doing something you love.

It doesn’t need to be great literature, and it doesn’t need to be lengthy.  Just a few genuine, heartfelt sentences is all it takes to make your student’s day.  It means so much to the students to know that somebody cares enough not only to fund their education but also to learn their names and faces and a little bit about them.

Want to meet your student?

Would you, could you go to Nicaragua?  Our trips are family friendly and life-changing.  People of all ages and abilities – including children as young as six – have gone with us to Los Cedros and met the students they sponsor.  It is a powerful thing to meet these children and their teachers and see first-hand how your support is making a difference.   Learn more about our trips.

Write to your students