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Ana’s favorite animal is the elephant.
Ana is growing up in a poor region of Nicaragua, where many families have a difficult time feeding their children and providing for their education. Many families live in small homes made of sheet metal with no running water, and children often perform necessary household tasks like transporting containers of water in homemade wooden carts.
Your sponsorship commitment will help Ana and the community through better health and education. Every school day at Havila begins with a meal for the students, and the students also benefit from excellence in academics in a Christ-centered setting. Through our partnership with the school and local churches, children learn that they are loved and valued, and they have a chance to break the cycle of poverty through education.

How to sponsor​ Ana

Sponsor a Student – Annual

Sponsor a student. A one-time payment of $360 allows a child to go to school for a full year. This is an amazing value and a way for you to make a real difference.

For less than $1 a day you can open a door and give hope to a student who is thankful for the opportunity to learn and grow.

Sponsor a Student – Monthly

Sponsor a student. The annual cost of $360 to sponsor a student comes out to $30 per month when paid over a 12-month period. Your sponsorship allows a child to go to school and change his or her life forever.

With this subscription option, you don’t have to remember to send in your monthly payment. Your credit card will be charged each month until you cancel.

$30.00/month until cancelled
Special Donation

While sponsorships help fund school operations, your one-time donation allows us to address needs and opportunities that go above and beyond the school budget.

Together with local leaders, we prioritize their use to have the greatest impact at the school and in the community.

In this season, we are focusing on providing food and other necessities for families most hurt by Nicaragua’s economic downturn and building a college scholarship fund for Havila’s high school graduates.

Thank you for taking the time to write to your student. They will enjoy it so much!

You are just one click away from a quick and easy form to write your letter in English or in Spanish.

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The Mission of UNIDOS Nicaragua is to partner with local leaders to develop solutions to poverty and provide excellent access to education.

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